Monday, April 11, 2011

Featured Etsy Artisan of the Week

I recently came across 2 wonderful shops from a fellow Etsian crafter!!
I am so in love with both of the shops this talented lady coordinates I decided 
that she will be my first featured Artisan!! 
    Montana Daisy Girl and Daisy Girl Delights are the shop names and both 
are beautifully run by an sweet gal named Jennifer (not to be confused with 
the Jenn featured in my paper beads part 2). This talented 
artist and crafter hails from Billings Montana where she lives with her
husband and 2 year old daughter.   

Her first shop is Montana Daisy Girl and is comprised of Crocheted items for 
the home. What I absolutely love is all the color she uses in her items.
Her pictures capture the items well and when you see her shop you
immediately need and want every item she makes. My favorite item? 
Her Coffee Mug Cozy! One thing you should know about me and you
will hear me say this again and again, I LOVE COFFEE!
I was immediately taken with her cozies. Every color you can think of and so Cute!

In our day in age with economy as it is, I think that it is awesome that people 
are making the Economical items and one of hers is a crochet Swifer Cover! 
How many of us have that Swifer Sweeper that we bought and we just 
never buy the refills. OR we are spending a boat load on the refills. 
That can stop today!!
She makes a variety of colors in this cover for your Swifer and when it 
gets dirty you just throw it in the wash.

These are just two of her lovely items in this shop! Go and check out her
 entire stock of crochet home goodies. I can tell you, you will not be disappointed.

Jennifer has recently started a new shop Daisy Girl Delights!
And once again HOME RUN!! Fantastic Pictures and Fantastic
Items!! Everything I see I want!!
This shop is comprised of the smell good items for
any place you can think of that needs a "Fragrance Pick-me-up"!!
 Beautiful Colors everywhere and the packaging shows that
every attention to detail has been made.
My favorite? The Daisy shaped car freshener! When you
have children, as many of you know, you seem to be in the car
all the time!! A freshener is a must!

Any color or scent you can think of, she has it!!.
She also has Tea Lights, Sachets and Soy BreakAways for your
tea light or electric warmers. Again go and see for yourself!! Each 
shop is an absolute delight!!

I am not the only one raving! What impresses me the most about this
 talented gal? Her customer feedback!!
- Gorgeous. Can't go wrong with these. I love them ALL! Great seller.
thank you! It smells amazing! It's in my car right now. When it dies, I'm buying another one!
MY FRIEND LOVED THIS! Fast shipping! Great service, came with cute wrapping, and a nice little gift! Will buy from again!

She really knocks my socks off and is an example seller for me. Her next 
adventure is about to begin as she and her husband have moved to 
Helena to start a family business. Jennifer I wish you many blessings and 
I know you are going to knock em dead!! 

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