Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Featured Etsy Artisan of the Week

One of my favorite things about Etsy is the Pattern Section!
I love that you can get the satisfaction of making your
own scarf, hat, etc. And that is why I chose this week's 
artist. Miriah Gilbert resides in Lake Stevens, WA with her
husband and three daughters. Like many of us crafty moms
she started making hats for her youngest. People saw the
adorable hats she was making for her baby girl and of course 
admired them. And thus Emie Grace Creations came to be. Now
 you and I can go to her shop and get the patterns to make 
the same hats for our children and there are some 
treasures for us grown ups too.
One of my favorite patterns is the EMIE Bear Crochet Hat Pattern!!

A lot of animal hats have the entire face, which let's face it is adorable. But what I absolutely love about this pattern is the lack of eyes and how it makes your kiddo a cute little bear. By just adding a precious little flower you can make it just perfect for your little lady. Remove the flower and your 
little man is as cute as can be.

Another favorite is the Logan Puppy Crochet Hat Pattern! 
Finding cute clothing for girls is never a problem. Often for 
boys it can be a challenge. Challenge Gone!! Is this not 
the cutest puppy hat you have ever seen??!!!! AND really you 
can substitute pink in the blue areas and 
you have a girls hat too.

Want to kick it up a notch? Add some ear flaps 
and braided ties. 
Want the perfect touch to an already 
perfect gift for that baby shower gift? How about
some matching slippers? 

These are just 2 of the many styles of animal patterns.
There are also beanies and various other hat patterns. 
Honestly can you really pick just one?

On to us adults:) Cute, fashionable and versatile are a 
few words that come to mind when I see the Sara Newsboy 
Crochet Adult Hat Pattern. Which comes with 
instructions for the hat and 2 different flowers!
With this pattern in hand you can make 
hat and/or flower to match every outfit you own!!

Not a hat kinda gal? Take a look at this sweet Crochet
Flower Headband. The possibilities are limitless!! 
You can make these for babies all the way to

These are just a few of the dozens of wonderful patterns 
that Miriah has created. Can't choose just one? NO Problem
she has 2 listings, one for a 3 pack of patterns and
one for a 4 pack of patterns all of your choice.
If you think about it, when we buy our crochet 
magazines we may use only a few patterns out of them. So
this is a wonderful deal because you choose all
the patterns that you know you will use.

OH you say you don't crochet! Miriah makes all of these 
patterns so you can buy the item you want already made.
Want a custom item? You just contact Miriah with your

Now we have come to the DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
portion of my blog! Here are what a few of her customers
have to say...
Great pattern and great service. Looking forward to ordering again
I LOVE IT .. HIGH QUALITY (this was an owl hat order)
Pattern is great! And was sent very quickly! Thanks

Stop by Miriah's shop today Emie Grace Creations!  
There is a pattern, or 2, there with your 
name all over it and you will not be disappointed. 
The selection and quality is fantastic!!

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