Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday- The Franz Family

Maybe I am late on the scene but I recently found
this jewel of a family!! The Franz Family and WOW!!
I could listen to them all day. I do not yet know all
that much about them but if you watch all their videos,
you will see that all of the children play various
instruments. And I love how the parents are in the
back ground supporting them in instrument and love.
If you watch closely, you will see the parents glowing
from time to time.

I think I can say for all of us that I aspire to
have a family with my children that is this bonded.
Maybe for some it would not necessarily be musical
but I know that I look forward to the day when my
children are grown and I can look on them with pride
like these parents as they give back their talents.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday- Anthem Lights

Alrighty it is has been a week since I posted. But back to
it this week with Music Monday and a song for all of 
you ladies out there. And well I guess you men too. Take
some notes fellas. A fairly new group of handsome 
young guys called Anthem Lights! 

What I love most about these guys, is their love for Christ.
Nothing unmanly about making a stand for the Lord.
The song I am posting today is not actually their song.
(But you should take a listen to all of their music 
because you cannot go wrong with any of their songs.
Each guy in this group could stand on his own but
together is WOW!!) Today's song  is a cover from 
Bruno Mars and I think they kill it!! 
They are singing about how men should love women. 
AND the fact that you know that they love Jesus makes
it even well... hotter! I respect this song SOOO much more 
coming from these God fearing men then I do coming
from the one who actually wrote it. 

  Ladies, you want a man who loves you for who
you are inside and out. A man that sees your true
beauty. A man that loves you with a real love that
expects nothing in return. And I personally believe
that men who love Christ with all that they are, will
know better how to love you with all that they are.

AND you are welcome!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday- Brooke Fraser

Many of us hear Brooke Fraser on the radio
every day but may not know her name. At least
I didn't. Brooke Fraser is from Hillsong which
is a church in New Zealand. Many of us know 
her from her song Hosanna, which rocks. This 
woman is a wonderful example, to me, of being 
in the world but not of it. She has been on the 
scene in New Zealand since she was 17. She was 
writing songs and performing as a teenager. She 
has toured with John Mayer. She plays piano and 
guitar and sings and write songs and, and, and... 
But what I love about her is that it is never 
a secret that she is in love with Christ. 

The song I am posting today for Music Monday, she
wrote. I like this song for so many reasons. First,
the video is beautiful. Second, for some reason I
love that all of the string players are elderly. 
Really goes along with the songs theme of loving 
Christ for life. Each string player is playing
so beautifully and with such heart.I also like 
that even though she has an amazingly powerful 
voice, she does not blast it in this song. It is 
very personal and very intimate. A love song, 
if you will, for her savior. Lastly, I love that 
she reminds me that being a Christian is not about 
keeping score of the good and bad that we do. 
It is about a relationship it is about wanting only 
Christ with all that we are.

Have a blessed week everyone and remember
it is not about the Arithmetic!