Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Etsy Artisan of the Week

I choose this week's Etsy artist because when I went into her shop it felt much like 
the current shop that my husband and I have. We opened them much around the 
same time. We both dabble in a little bit of everything. Some of the things we 
dabble in are the same and some are different. Like my husband she is a recycler 
or up-cycler. Like me she does some jewelry and crochet. This week's artist is a 
talented gal named Stephanie and she is from the great state of Michigan. 
Her shop is called New Vision Designs. She is an artist of many things; nature 
photography, jewelry, crochet, moss 
terrariums, and aquarium plants. 

Up till now my artist have been the knitters and crocheters. While Stephanie 
does crochet, I wanted to feature an artist who creates things that I don't and who I
think, does it well. I absolutely love photography and wish I was so much better at it.
Some people just have that knack and Stephanie is one of those who's got the knack.

She has excellent prices for her pictures!! Buy one, get one free on her 4x6 and 5x7's!! 
And a guarantee and I quote:

Picture is taken by me, Stephanie Tilmann and will be signed and dated on the back. Printed on a professional
 printer, at a photo lab.

Clearly every attention to detail has been made and it shows in her photos and in
her postings. You can order any size and you can order magnets, calendars, canvas 
prints and on and on. These 2 photos are just a few examples of the dozens of 
awesome landscapes she has photographed.

Stephanie also makes these beautiful little terrariums! Nature in a jar at your work or 
home to, I think, inspire relaxation. Gives you a moment to take your mind off of the
stress of it all and watch plant life change right in front of you. She includes
instructions on how to care for it. AND the part we love? The moss comes from around her home
and the jars are recycled. You know our family we are all about reusing that glass!!
AND she makes beautiful bracelets!!! I am all about creating your own
bracelets, as you all know. I really like jewelry that adds that perfect
touch to an outfit.  I am in love with her bracelets. I think they are so 
pretty and each is different clearly coming from a moment of inspired 

With a little bit of everything to choose from you can't go wrong
with New Vision Designs! You know Mother's day is right
around the corner! There may be a perfect gift there for that
wonderful woman you would like to say thanks to in a special
way!! Check it out today!!

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