Monday, May 2, 2011

Child Allergy Topics: Allergy Shots

As our son has gotten older, his environmental allergies
and asthma have become more of an issue. While we are 
continually taking measures in the home to make the air
better for him, we know that allergy shots will be in his 
future. His allergist says that the youngest he will do 
shots on children is age 5. But he says that the most 
difficult group to do shots in is 5 year old boys and our 
son is a 5 year old boy. So we have some time before we will 
really consider it. Once we decide to do this it is a big 
commitment for us because we will have to drive about 90-95 
miles round trip 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks for him to get
his shots. This is just the initial phase. The shot process 
can last years!! SO the question is, is it worth it?

I was reading today about allergy shots just because I want
to be educated on them once we decide to go forward with 
them. I found an article that really helped me.  One thing I
read really stood out to me and that was allergy shots 
decrease the risk of developing asthma by 50%. They also
decrease the risk for developing new allergies. While our
son already has asthma, this statistic is encouraging. With
the number of known allergens he is allergic to being 25 and I
know that there is more, this means we could slow or halt new
ones being added. Also his asthma could become less of a 

When our son gets sick it is not like when other kids
get sick. A simple cold bring nebulizer treatments and 
steroids around the clock. Lots of missed school days and 
lots of doctors visits for asthma attacks that we are having 
difficulty getting under control. Often we wonder is this 
going to be the time he gets admitted. We are more than 
blessed that he has never been admitted but this last cold 
brought us the closest we have ever been. This cold season 
has by far been the worst he has ever had. He has been 
treated for Pneumonia 3 times since January. We had not 
done nebulizer treatments since he was 15 months old. Since
February we have gone through approx. 70 albuterol ampules. 

The information I have read looks very promising and while
it will be a huge commitment it seems like the price is worth
the gain. I know that after this cold and flu season we would
pay a great price to see him not suffer. 

What about you? Any experience with allergy shots? Tell me
what you think!!

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Danielle said...

I don't have experience with allergy shots myself. Back when we were little they were too risky and didn't improve the allergy factor by much. I do have to comment on the abuterol meds though. My doctor took me off it completely because while its effective in an asthma attack-it weakens the lung tissue over time and makes you more likely to contact pneumonia. He phased me off it slowly and I got acupuncture treatments to target lung health. I still need a inhaler once in a great while but not on an everyday basis now. You might want to see if there are other options in the future that involve phasing albuterol out with your boy to help prevent pneumonia. Just a thought :)