Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paper Beads- Part 3!!!

I know I have been really bad about the blogging this week. 
Life happens. Work, kids, community group, practice for 
Good Friday and Easter services. But I am feeling in the 
mood for some paper bead making. As stated previously it 
is very relaxing for me. AND I bought a Easter dress for
the first time in years and I thought, I need to make
some accessories to go with.

My dress is white with blue flowers. So I picked a blue 
polka dotted paper. It will not look like polka dots
once I cut, roll and make the beads. It will just look
like white and blue beads. Maybe I will make a necklace
and earrings too. I haven't decided yet. So Here we go.

I really like a smaller bead and so today I decided to
actually make a bracelet out of one of the smaller beads
that I have made. I just used a ruler today instead of 
a template. Small triangles are what I will used today.
Because I know about how many beads I will need to make
a bracelet for myself I just made 10 triangles.
I also decided to make some earrings. I have a plan to
do a blog about how to make earrings. So I will just
show the earrings in the pics. But I also made 2 beads 
for the earrings.

I rolled the beads on my roller as shown in my paper beads
part 2. Then I coated them with 2 coats of regular Mod Podge
and 1 coat of out door water proof Mod Podge. I allowed 
about 15 minutes of drying time between each coat.

Once everything is dry it is time to string your beads. I use
stretchy cord and because the glass beads I will be stringing
between each paper bead are bigger, I will use a thicker 
stretch cord. I cut about 12-14" of cord and I put a piece
of tape on the end to hold the beads while I am stringing 
them. I alternate stringing a glass bead and a paper bead 
until I reach the desired length.

Then I cut the tape part off 
and I use a square knot to tie the bracelet off. This part 
can be a little tricky trying to get the beads as close as 
possible in the knot without the beads getting crossed. 
Once you get the knot tied it is good to knot it a few times 
for good measure. Then cut the little ends and pull the 
little ends left into a bead to hide the knot.

I was very pleased at how these turned out. I love how you 
can turn paper into an accessory and it is so fun.

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Karen said...

Awesome!They turned out so pretty!!