Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 16

I realized it has been almost a week since I posted about
how my fast is going. Today is day 16 and I am still
in this!! Yesterday as we know was the 4th of July.
AND our family had a cook out. Steak, Hamburgers,
chips, and Wonderful homemade vanilla ice cream.
None of which I had :( I have been dying for a cheese
burger and fries and so that was a tough one. And the
ice cream looked amazing. All of the family said it
was just horrible as they got their second helping.

I have read the food cravings and hunger pangs should
be gone by now. I must admit that mine are actually
getting worse. I believe it is because my thyroid is
starting to make the adjustments from my weight loss
and I am starting to go into hyperthyroid. I will be having
a blood test next monday when I am all done to see where
things are. My Doctor and I discussed this and I knew
that this would be a possibility. So this is not a

I thought not focusing on my website for a few weeks
would make me go nuts. And while I am thinking of
new ideas and such, it has been really nice to take a break.
I have found my thoughts going to a different place and
it has opened my eyes to what God has really been
wanting me to see. Is it what I want to hear? Some yes
and some no. My husband and I have had the wonderful
opportunity to play a role in starting a mission church in
the last 18 months. Several of us are feeling a tug lately
a refocus if you will on our mission. On God's vision for
our church. My thoughts, desires and prayers have been
much about that and what is our next step and what part
do I play in it. I am excited by this. So what is the part
I have not been happy about? Well I thought I would be
hearing a real clear word about my website. I still have
5 1/2 days left. So I know God is not through with what
He needs to say to me yet. I also know one thing He has
made clear is that I need to be patient and stay the course.

What is the course? Delving into Him and His word. That
should be our primary focus. Getting to know Him so deeply that
everything else does not matter.

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