Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 17

It happened to me the last time I fasted.
It has now happened again. That Ahhhhh moment
when I realize one of the big reasons why
God wanted me to fast. It is unbelievably
amazing to see how God has worked over the 
last 4 weeks to get me to here so that His
plan would work out. 

One year ago our pastor left and 9 months 
ago our church formed a committee to 
search for a new pastor. My husband was
chosen to be on the committee. He is the
youngest in the group and I must say I
am so proud of him for taking this on. I
will not lie it has often been a real
sacrifice for our family. But I know 
that he is supposed to be playing a part 
in this. Well we are down to the final 2. 
They are still trying to decided.
Aaron has gone back and forth and then 
yesterday he heard a clear word from the 
Lord. He is having a renewal in his heart. 
A new vision about who we are to be about in 
the Lord. It is so awesome to see God
work in his life and to see his vibrance.
I know that my fasting was all part of
the plan to get us to here. Today I feel
a sense of renewal in my fasting. I feel
like I can make it until Sunday because
this fast is not just about me.

This morning I got up to go run and
I got out on the path and I saw a lady with
a BIG dog. For those of you who don't know,
I am deathly afraid of dogs. I have had
several incidences with them throughout my
life and it has never been good. So I was 
immediately feeling the fear. Turns out the
dog was not the lady's and she was trying
to get it to go away. So I decided to get
myself home and try to run this evening.
Any who my honey and I got to spend some
time together and the kids actually slept
in. He said, "We never get to do this, it's
nice." It made me realize I was not meant
to work the night shift forever. Nights
work well for us, but I know God has a plan
for me that involves sleeping and working 
normal people hours. How I am going to get
to that I am not sure yet, but God knows. I
feel encouraged today that God is working
in all areas of our lives. We just need to
be awake and ready to be with Him and move 
when He says move.

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