Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 20

Day 20 and one more to go. I will not lie this is
probably been one of my most difficult days on this
fast. Tonight will be my 3rd night of work and
knowing I will not go to bed probably until tomorrow
night at about 9:00 feels very daunting on my soul.
Never during this fast have I wondered how I am
going to make it to the finish line as I do today.
I cannot see how I will make it through tomorrow
without caffeine and how I will make it through the
day tomorrow without crying all day. I tend to
cry when I am sleep deprived and good news it has
already started.

But this low and completely depleted state I know is
right where God wants me. Despite the fact that it
completely sucks, I know He has moved and still has
more for me to hear in this next day and a half. I
probably could not hear if I were rested and normal.
God often brings us to a place of complete desperation
right before He speaks.

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