Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 21

WOW who knew this day would come? I thought it
was a great possibility that I would have thrown in the
towel by now. While not perfect I held out and I did not
give up. All glory goes to Him who saves and changes
lives. God is Moving and Working and my fast has, I
believe, played a huge role in not just opening my heart
but my husband's as well. God used my fast to speak
to my husband in a time when he needs God's heart more
than ever.

Today is not it. I have started to read a book by a
wonderful pastor named Steven Furtick called
Sun Stand Still. Want to have a life changing
experience go on line to his church, Elevation church
and listen to one of his sermons. Does not matter
which one. He has the Lord's power coursing
through his body. He preaches the word and it is
not always warm and fuzzy but it is what we need
to hear. Sun Stand Still will leave you feeling like
your mind has been blown. And I have only read 4

All this to say I realized most of all during this fast
I need to be in The Word and in my Lord deeply
everyday and not just when I am fasting. He wants me
be to be restless until I rest in Him. He wants to move
everyday with me and He has a plan that I want to
be a part of. I don't want to just go with the flow sleeping
through life. I want to live life and all for His glory and
His plan.

Please Dear Father,
       Help me to keep this sense of vision and passion
even though my fast is over. Help me to be constantly
searching for you and your will. Help me to rest only
in you.

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