Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midweek Ministry

 Things at our church, First Baptist Church of Belen, have
been heating up since our New Pastor David Guerrero arrived 
this last September. Every week I am seeing our members be 
reignited with passion and fire for what the church needs
to be about. We are refocusing on what our mission is and 
week by week it is so exciting to see our church transform 
into the Acts Church.

Our Youth Minister Sean Farrell has a vision for ministry
he calls his mission "Hands and Feet". We are to be Christ's 
hands and feet. We are to do for others what they cannot do
for themselves and love them like Christ loves them. When
people look at us as believers, they should wonder why we
are different and Sean is working diligently to instill these 
core values into our youth. Our desire is that our church would
be about service to those in need. Getting out in our community
and making a difference and that is what we are doing!!

A turn of events on Presidents day brought about a huge 
opportunity for our youth group and another youth group
from a fellow church! The plan was to go to White Sands
for a day of fun in the sand. But poor weather conditions at
White Sands ended the trip. Pastor Sean said he started to 
think and pray for an alternate plan for the youth. Then it
came to him! The previous day he had spoke with a gentleman 
by the name of Rex Lewis. Rex Lewis and his family lost
their home to a fire just a few weeks ago. Our church had 
already been out to help with the clean up but there is still
lots to be done to prepare for the rebuild. Pastor Sean had
told Rex he would assemble a team and come out again soon
to help. Sean realized he had a large group of teens and youth
workers at his disposal so he pitched his idea to the adults and
then the teens. Most were on board and very excited about
the service project. Of course there were a few of the teens who
Sean says "were not excited about the not having fun," and they 
went home. Little did they realize what they were going to miss
out on!

The workers piled into the vans and headed over to the Lewis's
and started working. Several of the youth I have talked to said 
at first it was quiet and everyone was a bit somber but then
the singing started and creativity in the clean up and silliness
and fun ensued!

 Some comments about the days events were:

- "Honestly, not only did yesterday rejuvenate me, but it turned out 
   SO much better than I had planned. All in all, I am so grateful that 
   the day turned out like it did instead. Where not only were laughs 
   present, but that of which matters, acting and serving out of love and
   devotion. Plus, it reminded me that we may have our plans, but His 
   are always better."     Miranda Lucero

- "I just have to say it felt amazing to help " Mystie Sky

- "Our students lit up Facebook with how much fun they had and how 
    good they felt helping."  Pastor Sean Farrell

- " I think it was a GREAT change of events and some of the students 
     even agreed. I spent time with two last evening and they mentioned 
     it was so wonderful to be in service to others in the Kingdom 
     than just to themselves. They had a great time of fun and silliness, 
     too! It is always such a blessing to give oneself away. I was proud 
     of the work the kids did and how well they did it, too."  
     Venetia Yates -Youth Pastor

- " I think we youth should do more service projects like that. I think 
     that's what we're supposed to be doing. Going to concerts and doing 
    fun things is nice, but so many kids don't realize how important these 
    things can be to someone else. I know yesterday, God was definitely at 
    work. I noticed a few things that happened to me yesterday, that might 
    not have happened if we'd spent all day down at White Sands. Of course, 
    God works in so many ways and through so many situations."  Katie Alvarez


The Youth and youth workers left Monday feeling excited and 
honored to be a part of such an awesome day. Of course the
Lewis family was most thankful supplying hotdogs, 
smores and appreciation!  I think that when we help someone in 
need and get our eyes off ourselves, we find that we are equally 
blessed. What I love most of all is that everyone saw that God had 
much better plan for the day!  

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