Monday, June 20, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 1

I have recently been feeling a call to start a fast. I had done one a
little over a year ago. During that time I had read about a fast called
The Daniel Fast. It is a 21 day partial fast. You abstain from dairy,
meat, all sweeteners, all leavened bread, all refined and processed
foods. So you Can have fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds,
legumes, quality oils and distilled or filtered water. Oh and I did
not mention- NO COFFEE!!! A wonderful Christian woman
named Susan Gregory wrote a book about it and it is very helpful.
But when I first read about this I said "NO Way!!" There was no
way in the world I could ever take on a challenge like this. But I
believe that God uses time to bring us to where He wants us and
about 10 days ago I was brought back the The Daniel Fast and
realized it was time.
It should never amaze me, but it does, how God brings everything
into alignment to fall into place at the exact right time. I found out
about 2 weeks ago that coffee and thyroid medication do not go
well together. I take an extremely high dose of medication and we
have been exploring reasons why. So in effort to find out if coffee
is playing a problem, I have cut back drastically. Then along came
this fast where I am to drink no coffee. And I had been feeling a tug
to do a fast and I had read about this fast over a year ago. I just
do not believe in coincidence. Everything has fallen into place for
me to do this.
SO today is day One!! Susan encourages you to get up as early as you
need to, to spend time with the Lord, maybe exercise and start the
day out right. Making sacrifices that you may not usually make. So
I got up at 6:15 and went for my run/walk. I am starting week 4 this
week of a 12 week program to go from 0-30 minutes of running in
12 weeks. Then I came home filled up my water cup and sat down
for my quiet time. Again I am not sure why it amazes me, but it does.
I read the devotional that Susan provides in the Daniel Fast book.
Then I read a short devotional from a book that my friend gave me.
AND they were almost exactly the same. The one that was not in
the Daniel fast was about Nehemiah and how he fasted. Both about
not getting so caught up in life that we forget to put God first.
God has been so faithful at every step of this process!! I can't even
begin to imagine what this 21 days will bring. I know that God
has already began to speak. It is going to be awesome!!

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