Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 3

Ok Day 3!!! I won't lie! Today has been the worst yet!!
We took my dad to Cracker Barrel for his Birthday. (Our
son calls it the Chicken Bucket). And I had a bowl of 
pinto beans. Yes beans at the most wonderful mac and 
cheese, mashed potato, and biscuit place ever. THEN my
mama ordered a carmel ice cream mug sunday!!!!!!!!!!
All the way home I questioned my Lord about the 
ludicrous decision I have made. Why would anyone in 
their right mind eat only pinto beans and a glass of 
water at the Cracker Barrel??

This is what Satan wants. He wants me to question this
so I will stop. I have a wonderful book by a great lady
named Joyce Meyer called Straight Talk: Overcoming 
Emotional Battles With the Power of God's Word. Last
week as I was preparing to start this journey I was
reminded of this book and I pulled it out. Today's 
reading was about Satan. The section was entitled 
Keep the Devil on the Run. Wonderful scripture she 
referred to "Greater is he that is in you, than he that
is in the world." 1 John 4:4. Then she said "He comes
like the lion, but he is not the lion." What empowering

Why Fast? Why put myself through this? You don't really
have to do this for 21 days do you? If I had a little
bite of one food I am not supposed to it would be ok
if I messed up a little wouldn't it? Sheesh!! I feel 
like Eve in the garden!! 

There is absolutely no doubt that I am called to do
this. God has shown Himself to me time and time again
through this journey affirming that this is what I 
am to do. I know He is going to tell me some things
that I really need to hear. But I also know that as
long as I am being held up by this food issue, I will
not be able to be still and hear His voice. This is 
what I believe fasting is about. We have to be 
completely broken so we can finally let Him work. 

Well tomorrow is a new day and a new challenge.
Tomorrow night I work. I will be up for about 24
hours with a nap, hopefully, and I will have no
caffeine of any kind. One day at a time! Right?

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kristan said...

I really love this!! The devil is putting those same thoughts in my head!!! And also everyone around you!! I'm going to Cracker Barrel today and looking at there menu online was intimidating!! I came across your blog!

I'm on my fourth day and with the help of your sharing I'm going to have a great one!!

I'm fringe to remember to ask God in all my choices, specially food, to guide me, all day and night! I work nights too and was addicted to mountin dew, headaches came on strong the first day but I dug in deep praying! Before when I had tried to do it on my own is give in or deal with headache and sugar cravings for a week!
With God, a few hours!!
Be blessed and Charge on!!