Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 2

Today marks Day 2 of my Daniel fast. It has been strange to me
which foods I really missed. I Knew that Coffee would be the
thing that I would be dying for. But I think since I have been
weaning myself off for a few weeks now, it was not the problem
yesterday. The problem food? Sweets. There is absolutely no sugar
on this fast!!! But last night I threw some pineapple slices on the
grill and they were so good it almost felt like I was cheating.

Today I am feeling better than yesterday. However yesterday
started out well and ended with me being very irritable. Which
my endocrinologist warned me would happen when trying to
stop coffee.

Amazing that several times I have thought, "How am I going to
do this?" But once I sit down to The Word or a devotional, I am
immediately renewed. I once again feel like I can do this.

Again why am I amazed? but God brought forth 2 devotionals this
morning that really spoke to my heart. One contained one of my
favorite Psalms. "I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will
sing praise to my God while I have my being" Psalm 104:12,33.
The other spoke of believers being consecrated for a purpose.
We are to be about the Lord's work. For those of you that do not
know me, I am a singer. I sing on a praise team at our church
called The Hill. I am constantly under attack by Satan about
my singing abilities. It is such a strange line to walk to be
giving all of my talents and abilities to the Lord and at the
same time being in front of people. You have to in a sense
perform but at the same time you can't be just performing.
I was reminded today that I have been given a gift. No I am
not the best, but it is not for me to decided that because I am
not the best I will not sing. God uses what we give for His plan
and His purpose. He wants me to praise Him and He will take
care of the rest.
It is has been the case that the Lord will give me a song that
is kinda like a theme song when I fast. This fast I know that
my focus needs to be on being still and listening to His voice.
My song for this fast or at least one of them is a song called
Restless by a wonderful artist named Audrey Assad. She really
inspires me. Want to have your heart blessed beyond measure
today? Listen to this song!!

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