Monday, June 27, 2011

Daniel Fast: Day 8

Yes I am still hanging in there with my Daniel Fast!
Days 4-7 left me a bit discouraged. The end of day 3 it
was clear that I was coming down with a cold. Then I
had to work the next 2 nights. It never fails I always
get sick when I am about to work. Never when I am
off for 5 days. Then day 6 I got about 2 hours of sleep
before I had to get up and go to a funeral and then
immediately to a birthday party. I will not lie I did not
follow the fast completely on Saturday because of the
birthday party and today is our anniversary but we
celebrated on saturday night. It is extremely difficult
to be sick and do this. Every fiber of my being wants a
cup of hot tea to sooth my throat and chest and NO warm
water with lemon will not cut it. Every fiber of my
being wants a bowl of chicken noodle soup. NO
vegetable soup is not going to cut it.
I have come to realize that next time I fast I will fast
from one major food group instead of 3-4. My husband
made an excellent point last night. He said just fasting from
caffeine alone would make a huge impact. I fear that I am
so focused on the food that I cannot have and the physical
woes that I am feeling that I am not getting the full effect
of the spiritual aspect. I am hanging in there for now. I
really want to see this out. I keep thinking that once I am
no longer sick I can really focus on hearing the Lord. Which
please do not get me wrong, the Lord has spoken and I have
been shown some things that I have issues with. Not things that
are really a surprise to me. Once again my wonderful husband
made an excellent observation, would these be things I would
have seen if I would have just spent the time studying more
like I have in the last 8 days. Last time I fasted it was intense
and the Lord really hit me right between the eyes with some
huge things I was not facing and not really aware were an issue.

So I have been brought back to my original theme that I know
the Lord placed in my heart to be my main focus and that was
Being Still. Well being sick would most definitely make me have
to rest and be still. I have not been able to do my running program.
I have not been able to do my Wii Fit. I have not been able to
do much but the everyday things to keep our family and life
going. I will give this more time. I will continue to pray for
healing and rest in this. I know this is what He wants me to do.
Time to Be Still.

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