Friday, June 3, 2011

Paper Beads Bracelets Series: Day 1

Our Etsy shop has had me a bit busy lately so I
have not been so good about the blogging.
In an attempt to make up for the lag, I am 
going to do a series on some different paper
bead bracelets. 

My Friend Kelli brought me several colors of
scrap book paper and card stock to make her
some bracelets. So I thought I would kill 2
birds with one stone and do a blog about the
bracelets I am making for her. All of these
bracelets will start with beads I have 
already made. So if you are completely lost,
you will need to go back and review the blog
where I taught you to make paper beads.

I of course made several of the bracelets in
my stretch cord and glass bead combo like shown
in my previous blogs. But lately I have been
working more with jewelry wire and crimp beads
and clasps so I thought I would try it with
my paper beads.

Materials Needed:
-Paper Beads (this bracelet I used 9)
-Seed Beads 
-Jewelry Wire
-Clasp of your choice (I used a bar and circle set)
-2 crimp bead tubes
-crimper tool
-wire cutters (not shown)

First you will cut a length of wire. I
cut about 3-4" more the than finished size I wanted. 
When you measure your wrist for bracelet size you 
will add 1/2" to that for your bracelet size. This 
whole crimping business is new to me so I hope I do 
not confuse. Please post questions if you need 
clarification. You will put the crimp bead tube and 
one part of the clasp on one end to start. You will 
then thread the end of the wire back through the 
crimp bead making a loop around your clasp. You 
will then use your crimping tool to flatten the tube.
Then you will use your tool to crimp the 2 flattened 
ends together. Please see the video for more specific

Once you have the crimp bead tube crimped you will
cut the excess wire as close as you can making sure
not to cut both wires.
Now you can begin to string your beads. I started
with 3 clear silver lined seed beads and then a 
paper bead. I continued in this pattern until I 
reached approximately 6 1/2". Keep in mind the
clasp with add about 1/2-3/4" to the entire length.
Finally you string the other crimp tube and the 
other part of the clasp and crimp and trim once

And there you have it!!

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